connection Groups

All people are created to live in community.


Connection groups grow together through study of the Bible, community with one another, and engaging in the mission of the church through personal evangelism.


Bible rhythms move us to upward engagement with God through His Word, prayer, and worship.
Connection groups regularly read God’s Word, pray, confess sin, and worship Jesus together.


Community rhythms move us to inward engagement with the family of God.
Connection groups regularly pursue intentional friendships with each other, encouraging and caring for one another as the family of God.


Mission rhythms move us to outward engagement with others who don’t yet know Jesus.
Connection groups regularly reach out to those who are still far from God, praying that He might draw them into relationship with Him.
Connection groups are comprised of people at various stages in their relationship with Jesus, so anyone is welcome and encouraged to be a part of a connection group.