mosaic family gathering

June 25th, 2023

Meet the elder candidates.

Geoff Schive

Married 42 years
Two kids
Four grandkids
Technical Sales Director
Geoff feels called to serve the Lord in his role as one of the leaders for the safety team as well as an Elder.
Being an Elder is a calling and a privilege to serve the Lord who made such a dramatic change in his life.

Kaleb Appelgate

Married 9 years
Four kids
Agricultural Production Specialist
Kaleb sees the call for a plurality of leadership in healthy churches and desires to contribute to that.  He loves the people and community of Marshalltown. His primary passions are wanting to see many people come to know Jesus and for people to mature in their faith as they recognize the depth of the forgiveness of God.

Jeff Rasmussen

Married 20 years
Four kids
Accountant / Small Business Owner
God has laid it on Jeff's heart to see our local church grow as a close knit community of believers.  He is excited to serve along side this group of men and to help provide leadership as God grows mosaic church in our spiritual depth and gospel outreach.

Tony Willsher

Married 11 years
Four kids
Tony has been in vocational ministry for almost 10 years with a passion to see  Jesus change lives. Being a part of the body of Christ is a privilege and Tony loves helping equip the parts of the body toward love and good works. Being considered as an elder is an honor and a privilege

Steve Bensema

Married 16 years
Four kids
Steve was an entrepreneur before he felt called to vocational ministry.  Serving the church is his true passion.
Elders carry a heavy load that is not meant to be carried alone. Steve is excited to serve alongside faithful men who will help to carry that burden of leadership.

Budget & Bylaws

Please review the proposed 2023-2024 budget for mosaic.  
We operate on a July-June fiscal year.
The budget is up for a vote of approval on June 25.
If you have any questions email
These Bylaws include changes to the Family Membership structure and create the Ministry Collective Partnership.  Other minor modifications have been made for purposes of consistency with vision and language.
If you have questions about anything please feel free to reach out to the elders collectively at or reach out to Steve, Tony or anyone individually with the above emails.